[Weekly Security News] Pharmaceutical giant Novartis was targeted by a cyberattack, sensitive data within the company remained intact.

June 10, 2022

1. Pharmaceutical giant Novartis was targeted by a cyberattack, and sensitive data within the company remained intact.

Pharmaceutical companies have been trying to strengthen their cyber defenses in recent years, but Merck’s cyber attack in 2017 cost them more than $1 billion.

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis recently announced that it had been hit by a cyber attack – but fortunately, sensitive data within the company was left intact. A spokesperson for the company stated: “We take data privacy and security very seriously and have implemented industry-standard measures in response to these kinds of threats to ensure the safety of our data.”

Source: Fierce Pharma, Security Industry


2. Ways to avoid Cyber Attacks: Zero Trust

Cyberattacks by cybercriminals targeting business-critical and sensitive data such as personal identification (PII), intellectual property (IP), and financial data have increased by 50% compared to the previous year. As many incidents happen in cloud-based environments, the way organizations manage cybersecurity and network security must also evolve. Zero Trust is an important but simple procedure that organizations can implement to manage cybersecurity.

Source: CXO Today

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3. How to protect your business from cyberattacks

Cyber attacks can exploit vulnerabilities in third-party products or penetrate IT systems managed by third-party providers. Any utility, solution provider, consumer, or customer digitally connected to the grid via smart meters, cloud, IoT, or other services are potential cyber targets.

Source: Smart Energy

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