The New Cloudbric Blockchain Symbol and VISION Logo

The Cloudbric ICO Team is proud to announce the launch of its new blockchain logo, CLB ticker symbol, and logo for its deep learning engine, VISION. As part of its reverse ICO journey, the team decided it was appropriate timing to refresh our logos as a way to distinguish Cloudbric from other cybersecurity solutions.

After much deliberation, we decided to go with simple logo designs that capture the deep learning component that will ultimately power Cloudbric’s Decentralized Universal Security Platform.



Cloudbric’s core technology lies in VISION, our deep learning engine and forms the basis of its very security platform as well as decentralized ecosystem. Without VISION and its technology, there would be no Cloudbric ICO. To show VISION’s importance to Cloudbric, we decided to give it its own identity. The symbol is used again in the center of the main Cloudbric logo as seen below.


cloudbric security ico shield token coin symbol

The new Cloudbric logo also retains its previous “protection/security shield” to show anyone who looks at it that Cloudbric falls among cybersecurity/IT security/cryptocurrency protection ICOs.

It’s pretty straight forward from here — Cloudbric is a security platform, with the deep learning engine VISION at the core of it.

With this change, we will begin a new branding journey within the upcoming months.

Contact us at or on Telegram if you have any questions or concerns!