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The State of Security in Our Connected Society

Long gone are the days where people had to flip through a phone directory to figure out if there’s a solution for what they need. Mobile and internet-enabled communication technology has brought products, services and people to the same intersection to make possible car-pooling, couch surfing, and all other forms of collaborative consumption. By facilitating the communication of demand and availability, web applications are employed to solve problems that may previously have been considered too “niche” to find customers or solution providers for.

Blue and white cloud including gadgets like smartphones
Web applications are at the core of the digital world

The web has redefined the boundaries for what can be transacted, giving rise to a proliferation of new businesses. By simply setting up a custom domain or building mobile apps, ideas can be swiftly monetized. The growth of web applications has been driven by such transactions that happen through websites and mobile apps.

Unfortunately, web application security has not grown in tandem. Based on our calculations, of the more than 1,069,692,978 websites that exist (as of 2016/08/22), only 1% are properly secured. This number even excludes mobile apps.

A Choice between Safety and Survival due to Pay-Per-Feature Pricing

It isn’t hard to guess why 99% of websites aren’t secure. Security solutions are either too difficult to implement, or too expensive to deploy. In this post, we’ll focus on the latter to illustrate how Cloudbric contributes to creating a safer environment for the digital economy to flourish.

Any business with an online presence has had to confront the choice between free—but basic—web security plans and comprehensive—but expensive—security packages. In view of resource limitations, only enterprises manage to afford the full package. Small businesses may thrive, but web application firewall (WAF) solutions on the market are slow to adapt to their needs. This is because WAF vendors charge customers for premium features, per feature.

(Read this if you wonder why WAF is needed to protect your web apps.)

Enterprise, Business, Pro, Free plans
Pricing for full security features often only discovered by inquiry

Small businesses make transactions online and deal with customer data just like enterprises do. Therefore, they take on similar types of responsibilities as a regular enterprise. Unfortunately, they remain largely un-secured. Cautious customers would know that the value they get from engaging with small businesses may come at the risk of stolen account information or the leakage of confidential data if the business website isn’t protected from hackers by a web application firewall.

Full-feature Security for Everyone with Pay-as-You-Grow Pricing

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The greater your website traffic, the more likely your business is soaring. That’s when you pay.

Cloudbric was born from a mission to make adequate web protection available to everyone. Leveraging on technology Penta Security Systems has perfected over more than 10 years in the industry, the team built Cloudbric to be what it is today.

It is the web application firewall with the highest accuracy and comes bundled with other goodies like DDoS mitigation, CDN and SSL. To ensure small to mid-sized businesses as well as startups can utilize Cloudbric, we established our pricing on a pay-as-you-grow model.

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Tell the world we’ve ended the choice between safety and survival

When you’re just starting out with your business and struggling to pay the bills, security seems like such a luxury. Once your business grows, however, there’s more room to distribute your budget, and you find that you can invest in security for long term success. Since Cloudbric only charges websites with over 4GB of traffic per month, most SMBs do not need to compromise on safety to stay financially afloat. The Cloudbric team believes businesses should get a chance to grow successfully, and we hope to accompany them along the way.

If you support Cloudbric’s mission, help us get more supporters for this campaign at the crowdspeaking platform Thunderclap. Your share on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr will help your friends find us and enjoy free and affordable comprehensive website protection.

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