Physical Security and Website Security

In real life, you have multiple options to try to keep your home and workplace safe. Most offices now will have locks with anti-drill features or sensors by entrypoints.

Homes often have alarm systems activated and possibly a neighborhood watch to keep an eye out for strange sounds or sights. Still, there’s nothing like having your very own bodyguard or security guard so that whatever you’re protecting has 24/7 security.

For many people, using security systems is considered a reasonable and necessary expense to safeguard their physical assets. However, what can one do about their valuables on the web? Whether it is a personal blog you have just started or a potentially successful ecommerce business, website security is of utmost importance.

How Security Online and Offline Differs

Security Companies like ADT and Cloudbric both help to keep you in control of your security. But we have to admit, website security can differ a bit from home security, with the nature of the web. Here are some ways that Cloudbric, for example, may differ from services like ADT.

  • No physical gadgets. Cloudbric is a cloud-based web application firewall service company. Thankfully, there is no hardware or software to install or maintain. But just because Cloudbric is “invisible” it doesn’t mean that you’re not covered. All you have to do is register your domain and change your name servers, and you’re safe from bots and hackers trying to get a hold of your site.
  • No performance compromise. Many physical security systems charge by feature. But with Cloudbric, you don’t need to decide what features to leave out. Whether it’s backdoor protection, DDoS mitigation, or encryption with SSL, Cloudbric offers one comprehensive service. Once you register your website, Cloudbric offers the most advanced level security to all.
  • No pressure on your wallet. Security can get expensive — physical or online. But Cloudbric doesn’t overwhelm you with price tables but rather charges websites based on their traffic (bandwidth usage). Cloudbric is free if your business size is small and the bandwidth does not exceed 4GB/month. Payment is needed only when your website grows. If you’re not sure about your bandwidth usage, simply contact to find out the approximate costs.

Cloudbric funnels incoming traffic and blocks out harmful activity.
Cloudbric filters incoming traffic, only allowing legitimate visitors through.

Cloudbric’s patented web application firewall technology filters all traffic to weed out attackers from the cloud so that only legitimate visitors reach the website. Its detection engine preemptively blocks web attacks through logic-based analysis of interaction with the site. This goes above and beyond other web security services that rely on signature-based pattern-matching engines.

Furthermore, Cloudbric makes it easy for users to visualize what kinds of attacks have been attempted on their sites and the source of these attacks. The intuitive dashboard allows users to block traffic from specific countries directly from a world map which also displays where problematic sources of traffic have been identified. A monthly customized report is also available for download to provide an overview of a site’s threat environment. This makes it easy for even complete IT novices to monitor protection on their site or gauge how effective Cloudbric has been.

While it might seem sufficient to guard just your home or physical valuables, more and more our digital data is increasing in value. Get a bodyguard for your digital assets today, and make sure that your website and data is safe as well. Sign up for free today!


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