Partner Success Story: Jensen Computer Technologies

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It goes without say that customers are everything. They are the backbone to any successful business. Because Cloudbric values the opinions of our customers, we occasionally ask users to provide feedback via online surveys as part of our continual efforts to improve our services.

The Cloudbric team first came in contact with Ryan Jensen of Jensen Computer Technologies after he showed interest in partnering with us. Jensen Computer Technologies opened for business on August 2010 and currently offers managed IT support to local businesses in Petal, Mississippi.

Ryan agreed to conduct an in-depth interview with us, shedding some light on the needs of our customers. Here’s what he had to say about our interactive dashboard, engineering and customer service staff, and the features and benefits of Cloudbric:

1. Interactive Dashboard

“Simple process to add those websites and getting them going”Q:

Was it easy for you to navigate the dashboard from the start when you started registering the websites?

Yes. I think I only had problems with one website. But the customer support team was on it pretty quickly. Other than that, it was a simple process, to add those websites and get them going.

Q: For you specifically what actually provides you with the most trust for a brand? Where do you get your trust for Cloudbric from? Is it awards and recognition for example?

I just really like the fact that if I have an issue, it gets resolved quickly and I trust that Cloudbric is doing a good job, because I can see in the dashboard the different things that are getting detected and blocked. Some of the events or attacks that I’ve seen on the dashboard are showing things like, for instance, a stealth attack. They may be trying to probe our websites to see if we’re using c-panel, or see if we’re using certain WordPress plugins. Like on [one of the websites I registered], it’s actually on wix. And it was interesting because a lot of the attacks actually are probes trying to open the WordPress Admin. Which is kind of funny because it’s not a WordPress site. So it’s really interesting to see what people are actually trying to do to get onto the website and what attacks they are trying to use.

2. Engineering and Customer Service Staff

“Very smart individuals and very quick in resolving issues”Q:

I noticed that you’ve had conversations with some of our engineering staff regarding DNS change and website issues. Do you think they were very helpful when you were having issues with adding websites? And when changing the DNS information?

Yes, they did a great job.

Q: If you were to give us a score from 1 to 10, how much would that be for engineering staff?

I would give you guys a 10 because the customer service was great!

Q: Was it that you found the CS support helpful because of the technological experience they had or the real time support – when you needed them, were they there for you?

Well it’s a little bit of both, because any time I ever have an issue, all I had to do was pull up the chat and within about 5 or 10 minutes at most, they’re answering my questions. And then, when they are working on the issue, it doesn’t take them very long to have it resolved. And so I think it’s a little bit of both, because they’re very smart individuals and very quick in resolving issues.

3. Features and Benefits of Using Cloudbric

“I could actually block web traffic from different countries”Q:

What do you think is the most valuable feature that Cloudbric provides?

I really like the fact that [Cloudbric’s dashboard] categorizes the attacks by the location. For instance, [on one of my registered sites], I went in and [realized] we were getting attacks from China and Ukraine and Brazil and the United Kingdom, and so I blacklisted those countries to [stop] getting attacks from those areas since we don’t have any customers from those areas. So I really like the fact that I could actually block web traffic from different countries if they’re posing a problem.

Q: Now that you know the attacks coming into your website, what kind of security issues concern you the most? Any attack could be very damaging to a business website. For example, downtime, or login account theft, there could be many different kinds of web attacks right?

Yes, and one tactic that I’ve used, in selling Cloudbric [to my customers], is the fact that if a website were to get hacked, or if the website was hit with a Denial of Service attack, the domain company may blacklist that website. And if they blacklist that website, there is more at stake than just your website getting attacked. And there might not be anything on your website that’s really confidential or really sensitive, but if you have a Denial of Service attack on your website or something like that and your domain gets blacklisted, then of course you’re looking at your company email and things like that could get hacked.


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