Partner Success Story: Celebrating Valued Customers with Luhost

Luhost CEO's headshot for Cloudbric interview
Luhost’s CEO for an in-depth interview with Cloudbric.

“After using other website security services, Cloudbric is the only one that has proven to be effective, fast, reliable and flexible. For many years, I have trusted Cloudbric with all our websites. Highly recommended!” – Bryan J. Rincon CEO and President at Luhost.

We view feedback as an important aspect of evaluating not only our business but our services and overall customer experiences too. The Cloudbric team recently had the opportunity to conduct an in-depth interview with one of our valued partners Bryan Rincon, CEO of Luhost. Here’s what he had to say about the features and benefits of Cloudbric, our interactive dashboard, and customer support.

1. Features and Benefits of Using Cloudbric


When you used Cloudbric was it your first time applying a web application firewall or did you have experience using another service?
No, it was not my first time. I had used different firewall services to help protect my website and my company including [one of Cloudbric’s competitors].

Q: What was your experience with our competitor?
I experienced a lot of downtime. Also, it just seemed liked there was always some type of issue, so I had to discontinue using that service.

Q: What provides you with the most trust for a brand? Where did your trust for Cloudbric come from? Is it awards and recognition for example? Or did you just decide to give Cloudbric a shot and see for yourself?
I honestly think [the trust would come from] me trying the service. I like for companies to prove themselves…and prefer if I can test [the service] myself, deal with it, first-hand.

Q: When you first started using Cloubric service, how easy or difficult was it to use. From adding websites or changing the DNS, were any instructions clear or unclear?
It was very simple – I just found it really amazing that all I had to do was [input] my DNS and [I was ready to go]. It even felt like I missing something. The instructions were very straight-forward from pointing the name server…there wasn’t a lot technical terms which I think really helps someone who doesn’t have much experience.

Q: What do you think is the most valuable feature that Cloudbric provides?
That’s a hard one. It would have to be the premium security. Unlike competitors that may charge up to $200 to get some type of premium security – I like the fact that Cloudbric grows with customers. Cloudbric has helped my company grow by providing a security I didn’t need to pay for – and it is very good security.

Q: What was the biggest improvement to your organization or website you saw after applying Cloudbric service?
I did see better uptime, and I was also able to see how many visitors were coming to my website.

Q: Using Cloudbric service, you can see what kinds of attacks are coming your way. What kind of security issues concern you the most as a business?
I would say the biggest one is DDoS [attacks]. You don’t have to be a hacker to be able to perform a DDoS attack, anyone can perform it – if you have some kind of computer background. But I think that’s the most likely attack you can have. Especially on our website, we had placed different security measures to help protect our customers and our servers but [we are still vulnerable] to a DDOS attack. [It] can affect our Google ranking, slow down customers, and keep customers from getting to our site.

Q: As a web hosting provider have your customers outwardly expressed their concerns for security? Or do you think that many just don’t seem to care at all about the security of their website?
Yeah, I think a lot of customers don’t really care about security…I try to target customers that don’t have of much experience in hosting or with websites so we advertise our interface to be the easiest one out there so I feel customers out there aren’t educated enough to know about security. While I have Cloudbric featured on my websites… customers are responsible for their security not necessarily us web hosting providers.

2. Interactive Dashboard


Moving on to the dashboard – was it easy for you to navigate the dashboard from the start? What are your opinions about the interface?
I really really like the interface. As someone who’s used [Cloudbric’s competitor’s service] before, I think their interface looks a bit outdated and is confusing to use. On the other hand, Cloudbric’s interface is colorful, the buttons are big, and it shows me what I what to see on the first page. And I can see the settings easily. It’s really organized – I like that. I feel like [Cloudbric’s competitor’s] dashboard isn’t organized nor shows me what I want it to show me.

Q: Could there be room for improvement for the dashboard? Is there something missing?
Since I really like the interface, I think Cloudbric shouldn’t change it because it’s so easy to use, organized, and very powerful, and I can do a lot of things with it. It’s a good interface!

3. Customer Support


Have you ever contacted our technical support/customer support? If so, how often? What was your overall experience with our customer support staff? What could use improvements?
I contacted them a few times. [In one isolated incident] I had submitted a ticket and never heard back. It took a few weeks to hear back from them. But from then on, I used the live chat and everyone there is really friendly. They helped when I was having issues pointing my websites to Cloudbric and helped me out with setting it up. I think customer support is really nice especially the live chat. Other than the ticket issue I had, the live chat was extremely helpful. They responded in a very timely manner.

Q: If you were to give us a score from 1 to 10, how much would that be for our customer support?
I would say 9.5.

We want to thank Bryan for taking the time to openly speak with us about our service. We’ll be making sure our customer support tickets are improved to make us a solid 10!


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