How To Verify and Claim Your CLBK Token Bonuses

Hello Cloudbric CLB community,

The following guide is meant to help you claim your additional CLBK bonuses that you acquired during our Super Holders Event.

Klaytn’s wallet app is expected to be released in late August/early September following the launch of Klaytn’s main net (opened June 27) and will be available to all users. The Klaytn Wallet allows you to check the balance of KLAY and KLAY compatible tokens like CLBK.

Thus, prior to the wallet’s release, Cloudbric will distribute CLBK through Cloudbric Labs, our online hub of free web security resources and tools for the cybersecurity community but in time for our upcoming token swap with Klaytn. 

Step 1: Sign up for membership on Cloudbric Labs using the same email you used to participate in the Super Holder Event

Check for your email here.

Step 2: Go to your dashboard and check the quantity of your CLBK tokens. 

Those who participated in the event using multiple wallet addresses but used the same email will be able to see their accumulated CLBK. 


Step 3: Following the release of Klaytn’s wallet, you will be able to enter a Klaytn’s wallet address into Cloudbric Labs’s withdrawal feature to claim your CLBK. 

More details about the token swap will soon be announced!

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