Device Security & Crypto Asset Protection: Introducing Cloudbric’s Secure Web Gateway

Mobile devices and PCs are an indispensable part of their daily lives. Unfortunately, you won’t find web security and mobile device security under a unified solution in the cybersecurity market. For this reason, Cloudbric will introduce a Secure Web Gateway, a new kind of endpoint security client that will integrate these two worlds and enable all internet-connected users to secure their data communications more efficiently.

Introduction: Secure Web Gateway

Cloudbric’s Secure Web Gateway works like a VPN in that it tunnels web traffic and will be available as a PC and mobile downloadable. In this case, the Secure Web Gateway tunnels traffic through one of Cloudbric’s 25 global service nodes, monitoring traffic and behaviors as it runs in the background. If you’re familiar with VPNs, you know that a lot users might have complains related latency — but that’s only because a handful of VPNs lack the infrastructure (servers) needed to maintain high performance all the time. What we mean when we say Cloudbric functions as VPN, we simply mean that there is flow of traffic that goes in and out of an end-point device, monitored by a service node (and our deep learning engine VISION) to provide automated protection. Because Cloudbric is an established security vendor and has 25 existing service nodes, latency issues shouldn’t really be a problem. However, a major milestone for Cloudbric and a huge reason why our team is set on doing a reverse ICO is to open up 100+ service nodes to accommodate more performance and stability. Having more service nodes ensures that there will be no drop in performance.

Device Security and Cryptocurrency Protection

End users rarely interact with a web server, which is why there is a gap between web security and mobile device security. Cloudbric aims to bridge this divide with its Secure Web Gateway. The Secure Web Gateway will focus heavily on cryptocurrency digital asset protection. Therefore, it all begins with the development of a secure crypto wallet and the growth of decentralized cyber threat information databases that make up Cloudbric Labs.

CLB Crypto Wallet

Strong security backing with key encryption featuresThe Cloudbric research and development team is hard at work at finalizing its plans to create a secure cryptocurrency wallet. The CLB crypto wallet will set itself apart from others in that it will utilize the same technology that supports the Secure Web Gateway to prevent unwanted or accidental transfers to fraud addresses. It will do this by leveraging the cyberthreat intelligence from our decentralized databases.Additionally, Cloudbric will be bringing 20+ years of security expertise, including a strong background in encryption to boast. As a result, we are confident in delivering a reliable wallet that goes well beyond the basic security requirements required by other wallets. Other key features including E2EE (end-to-end encryption) communications, which means even if a hacker obtains a data packet, it would be of little use them in reaching your crypto.

Threat Database

The first decentralized database of its kind intended to be used to fend off hackersCurrently, there is no universal database that offers a comprehensive collection of known phishing sites for users to reference in preventing a hacking incident. Cloudbric aims to be the first in the cybersecurity realm to deliver such kind of database as phishing is one of the most predominant ways in which hackers end up getting access to your private key and ultimately, crypto funds. But it’s not all about phishing. Users can report phishing, crypto fraud addresses, and other fraudulent sites to help build on our database of known malicious sites, and as more users report these fraudulent sites and the bigger the Cloudbric Labs database grows. Thus all devices protected by Cloudbric will automatically receive enhanced security protection through the Secure Web Gateway.Verification of the phishing reports will be done by our security experts at Cloudbric. They will work to add and verify the information to the database, providing real time protection to users through the Secure Web Gateway.

Those interested in getting utilizing and unlocking these features can download the official Cloudbric Secure Web Gateway desktop client or a mobile application. Best of all, utilization of the Secure Web Gateway client will be free for all users once they collect a certain amount of CLB tokens (one way to earn CLB tokens is through the security rewards program, read more about it here). Afterwards, users will be able to unlock all these features and more!

Find out in our upcoming blog posts how you can use Cloudbric in more detail through our use case series!

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