Cloudbric’s Smart Contracts Validated by Auditing Company iosiro

With Cloudbric’s crowd sale coming up during the first week of October, we’d like to share even more positive developments within our growing community.

Last month, Cloudbric’s smart contracts were externally verified by a iosiro, a company that specializes in blockchain security and auditing smart contracts.

Why are smart contracts audits so important?

Smart contracts are used to move, store, and distribute funds, so any error or security flaw in the code can result in irreversible consequences. For example, if an error in the code runs when the smart contract is deployed, money can be forever lost in the blockchain.

With the rise of blockchain projects, smart contract security is becoming more and more important. To uphold transparency, external auditors like isoiro are brought in to inspect the code and ensure it’s written correctly.

cloudbric smart contract audit iosiro

Cloudbric’s security audit with isosiro is just one step we are taking to protect our users and to ensure we are abiding by one of the highest security standards currently in the blockchain industry. Your personal information is safe with us!

View Cloudbric’s full report here.

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