Cloudbric Wins 4 Golds and 5 Silvers in Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Cloudbric, the No.1 cloud-based website security provider in the APAC region, has earned the prestigious 4 Golds and 5
Silvers in the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

Cyber Security Excellence Awards

Cloudbric has been recognized as a gold winner in Web Application Security, Website Security, Zero Trust Security and Best
Cybersecurity Startup of ASIA in Cybersecurity Company and Cybersecurity Product & Service category and as a silver
winner in Best AWS Cloud Security, Cloud Security Company, Cybersecurity SaaS, Best Managed Security Service and Best
Cybersecurity Company of ASIA in Cybersecurity Company and Cybersecurity Product & Service category.

These recognitions acknowledge the outstanding performance of cloud-based security solution Cloudbric WAF+ with A.I
and logic engine, Zero Trust Network Access(ZTNA)based Cloudbric RAS(Remote Access Solution) and Cloudbric WMS
(AWS WAF managed service).

Cloudbric WAF+ is equipped with a logic-based detection engine and patented A.I. module to provide the highest security
standards and lower the already best-in-class false positive rate all over the world. In addition, Cloudbric RAS addresses the
drawbacks of traditional uses End-to-End Encryption through Secure Proxy (E2EE) technology to securely connect users
and corporate networks.

Furthermore, Cloudbric WMS is an intelligence-based security AWS WAF ruleset management service that provides
systematic support to protect web applications against a wide range of security threats.

“We are highly honored and proud that Cloudbric has been recognized as a global player and by Cybersecurity Excellence
Awards. During the covid era, cyber threats are on the rise ever. Now it has become inevitable to take cloud security
measures to protect sensitive data and information from hackers.” said TJ Jung, CEO of Cloudbric. “We will commit
ourselves to make the cyber environment safer and more secure”


About Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

The 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals, products and companies that demonstrate excellence,
innovation, and leadership in information security. This worldwide awards program is produced by Cybersecurity
Insiders in partnership with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, tapping into the vast experience of
over 500,000+ cybersecurity professionals to honor and recognize the world’s best cybersecurity products,
professionals and organizations.


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Here is more detailed List of AwardNEWS PROVIDED BY Cloudbric,

February 10, 2022.