Cloudbric WAF+

Enterprise-level, Fully Managed WAAP Security Solution with an Affordable Price

Fully managed web application firewall with 20 years of security expertise and knowledge

Cloudbric WAF+

Cloud-based Fully Managed Web Application & API Protection (WAAP) Service

Cloudbric WAF+ has been recognized as a best WAF among the Spring 2023 Web Application Firewall(WAF) Reports by G2 based on the real-user reviews.

Cloudbric WAF+

Why choose Cloudbric for WAAP?

1 API Schema Validation

· API Schema validation with logic-based intelligent detection engine and deep-learning AI engine

2 Optimized Security Policy

· Collection and Analysis of User Logs for Enhanced User Experience
· Analysis-Based User Optimization Policy Proposed by Security Experts

3 Real-time Monitoring and Systematic Response

· Real-Time IP Blocking and Post-Reporting
· Enhancing Security status Visibility with User-Friendly Console
· Efficiently Generate and Utilize Security Status Reports

4 High-quality Database

· Operating Cloudbric Threat DB based on Threat Intelligence collected from over 700,000 sites worldwide · Continuous Enhancement of Malicious IP and Bot Responses Using Self-Developed AI and Scoring Technologies

5 Research and Respond to Latest Vulnerability Study

· Conduct analysis and respond to the latest vulnerability study by Cloudbric Labs experts, utilizing CVE and EDB (Exploit Database) to validate and address security issues
· Regular vulnerability reports (Every Monday at 18:00 (KST) by email)

6 24/7 Tech Support

· Operates 24/7 Tech Support

Cloudbric WAF+

Security Engines of Cloudbric WAF+

Logic-based Detection Engine
Patent registration in 5 countries (US, Europe, Korea, Japan, China)
Detect and block new web attack patterns through data understanding of meaning and structure
Exceptional detection rate (97% by WAFER test)
Deep-learning AI Engine
Deep learning method applying hexadecimal image transformation and incremental learning for web traffic learning

Minimize the false-positive through web traffic characteristics study and security intelligence provision

Robust Security
Cloudbric WAF+ Security Engine Excellence Validated by Tolly Group and Wizlynx Group Reports

Cloudbric WAF+

Key Services of Cloudbric WAF+


API Protection

OWASP Top 10 API Security
XAttack detection and security through validation of XML, JSON, YAML


Top-class web attack block service by using a logic-based detection engine and Deep- learning AI engine


DDoS attack mitigation (Up to 40Gbps)
L3/L4/L7 attack response through smart traffic filter

Bot Control

Block malicious bot through threat
intelligence analysis
(Spyware, Adware, Spam bot, malicious Web crawler,


Malicious IP

High-quality threat IP certified by the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA)
Blocks threat IP based on the DB(database)


Offering free SSL/TLS certificates based on international cryptographic security protocols

Cloudbric WAF+

Fast and Convenient Implementation Without Installation

Implementation is as easy as changing DNS without the need for agent or module installation. Customers can use security services at a reasonable price, based on Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs).

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