Cloudbric To Provide Security Services To BitForex and BitSonic Exchange

Cloudbric has announced that it will secure BitForex Exchange and BitSonic Exchange by providing a bundle of security services!

비트포렉스 비트소닉 bitforex bitsonic

With hackers reportedly claiming $927 million in stolen funds from exchanges in 2018, it’s evident that exchanges must to take proper precautionary measures. As rising crypto exchanges, BitForex and BitSonic, too, are subject to hacks, and hence formed partnerships with Cloudbric.

The most critical security problems for crypto exchanges arise from the client and server side. Cloudbric aims to address these issues by providing essential web security services and collecting threat information. Cloudbric will protect BitForex and BitSonic Exchange from phishing attacks, SQL injection, XSS attacks, brute force attacks, etc. 

In addition, with the launch of Cloudbric’s security platform in 2019, Cloudbric also aims to provide wallet security, expanding security coverage not only to the web but also to personal mobile and PC devices.

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