Cloudbric provides a no-install remote work in responses to Covid 19

Cloud security startup ‘Cloudbric’ announced that it will provide its own no-install remote access solution to help companies that have started working remotely due to the spread of COVID-19 for safe management.

As working-from-home increases due to COVID-19, the demand for remote work solutions to handle internal tasks from
outside the company is also rapidly increasing. However, many solutions, hardware and software, have complicated
installation processes. In addition, due to lack of consideration of security, there are many security concerns such as stealing
important data like personal or account information, and intrusion into an internal network through an external network.

Cloudbric ‘RAS (Remote Access Solution)’ provides a cloud-based security channel. This allows users to remotely access data
and applications on a web server located on an internal network. Unlike existing virtual private network (VPN) solutions,
remote access is possible only with a web browser without additional software or hardware installation.

It also provides security features. It blocks attacks such as hacking attempts, access by malicious software, and DDoS by
monitoring all traffic to detect and block abnormal intrusions. All transmitted traffic between the user and the server is
encrypted by default, and multi-factor authentication is provided for enhanced authentication security.

“We have decided to provide Cloudbric remote access solution to help overcome the economic crisis caused by the
COVID-19 pandemic.” said Tae-Joon Jeong, CEO of Cloudbric. “Even in the post-corona era, remote work is expected to
become a common work environment for companies. We want to help companies that are looking for a remote work
solution that meets both accessibility and security by providing the remote access solution Cloudbric has been using”