Cloudbric launches Automatic IP blocking service for large-capacity threats

Cloud security company ‘Cloudbric’ announced on the 30th that it has launched a Malicious IP blocking service, which was
previously provided in the form of an API. Now Cloudbric provides as a cloud security service in order to increase the ability
to respond to intelligent and automated cyber threats and to improve security management convenience.


threat data screen

Cyber threats are also on the rise as reliance on web services increases rapidly due to the pandemic , COVID-19. Along with
the evolution of increasingly intelligent and automated attack methods, large-capacity of threat IP response has recently
emerged as a frontier for security. Accordingly, ‘Cloudbric’ provides a cloud web security service that automatically detects,
analyzes, and verifies threat data by improving and utilizing the existing IP blocking API and updating the threat IP list daily.

The information of Threat IP that were analyzed and verified through the AI engine developed by Cloudbric is stored and
managed not only in its cloud service but also in the blockchain. This is the first case of realizing threat data stored through
blockchain. Threat IP list and the highest risk Top 100 data among detailed data can also be found in the ‘Cloudbric Lab
(’ service that shares web security information collected from 28 regions in 18 countries around the
world through a blockchain platform.

“Perfect security is essential to successfully solving both inevitable challenges: breaking through the pandemic and the
digital transformation.” Said Tae-Joon Jeong, CEO of Cloudbric. “We will enhance our ability to respond to increasingly
sophisticated cyber threats in terms of performance and convenience by providing an automatic blocking service that is
completely differentiated from the existing simple manual blocking method.”