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50+ Domestic and Global Partners on Cybersecurity ICO Project

Cloudbric has over 50 partners globally, both domestic and international. Today we’d like to introduce one of our most recent partners: PlayCoin.

PlayCoin, a Game Platform ICO Supporting Small-Sized and Indie Game Developers

The gaming industry is currently dominated by only a few players including MNCs, media platforms, and streaming sites who charge high commissions to game creators/developers to get their games on relevant marketplaces. They’ve monopolized the industry by signing advertisers and charging influencers in the gaming world high rates and thereby rake up the grand majority of profits.

Thus, PlayCoin was developed to serve as a form of digital currency within a newly developed online gaming ecosystem known as GameHub. In this ecosystem, the middlemen are eliminated, allowing both game developers and online influencers to earn more profits.

GameHub’s portal will allow game developers to freely launch and release their mobile games to the online community, and in turn, online influencers will be able to promote games through their social media channels and various platforms in a process called social mining, earning PlayCoin along the way.

Partnering up with another ICO is not unheard of. Due to the rise in cyber attacks in recent years, security should be a priority for businesses, and ICOs are no exception. Therefore, Cloudbric has partnered with Playcoin to provide them the security needed for their platform.

By providing a variety of web security services, Cloudbric will be able to protect the platform from the most common cyber attacks and beyond all the way from SQL injection attacks to sophisticated DDoS attacks that are ever so popular in the cryptocurrency world.

PlayCoin already works with game creators and media firms, providing them with various services. Due to their own successful ICO start and as part of this partnership, PlayCoin will advise Cloudbric on the design for its own blockchain-based ecosystem. Their expertise in the Southeast Asian and Chinese market will also help Cloudbric gain foothold in these areas, too.

Please check back on our blog for more announcements regarding our collaborations with new partners all around the world.

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