Cloudbric Announces Joint Sale Venture with XPAD, Global Crypto Exchange Kryptono’s IEO Platform

Cloudbric’s second pre sale round is right around the corner!

To be exact, our second pre sales will occur between September 13th to the 22nd (11am UTC). We’ve changed our terms so that there is no minimum or maximum transaction amount required to participate in sales (second pre sale and crowd sale).

We’re excited to get the ball rolling so we’ve partnered up with Kryptono Exchange’s IEO platform XPAD for a joint sale.

What does this all mean?

It means users will have a second method for participating in our sales in addition to our homepage registration. The sale will occur at the same time on both XPAD and our homepage, and CLB token cap, bonus, and so on will remain the same for the two platforms.

Who is Kryptono Exchange?
Kryptono is as a new world-class crypto exchange that places an emphasis on security and protection of users’ assets. Kryptono aldo maintains a high coin market cap and has a growing user base in Europe and Southeast Asia.

What is XPAD?

XPAD is an all-in-one platform for innovative projects to launch initial token sales, along with a community of passionate and fully-screened investors ready to participate in any IEO launched on XPAD.

Users will required to register for membership and pass the KYC process should they choose to participate in sales through XPAD.


For our upcoming crowd sale, participants will be able to purchase CLB through Kryptono XPAD, but please note sales on Kryptono XPAD will begin October 23 11am UTC.

To learn more about Cloudbric’s Reverse ICO you can find us on our official ICO websiteLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook. If you have any questions or would just like to talk to our team in real time come visit our Telegram channel!