Cloudbric Adopts Machine Learning Technology

1                          UntitledWebsite security detection has now been more personalized to the structure of each domain than ever before! Cloudbric and Exbrain have teamed up to develop a new detection engine called Catalice, which is included with our new Console 2.0.

Thanks to WAPPLES and its Logic Analysis Engine, Cloudbric already outperforms other web application firewall solutionsl. Other 1st generation web application firewalls primarily only use a pattern matching detection method. This results in many false positives because pattern matching works by having two simple lists: One list of IP addresses give access permission (whitelist), and another list of IP addresses deny permission (blacklist) to access your website. Based on these lists alone, many firewall services cannot accurately block innocent visitors who simply want to visit your website. Also, it is impossible to respond immediately to any new attacks that have not been discovered before. The drawback of pattern matching algorithm is that it cannot protect websites from prospective attacks because it doesn’t learn to predict new attacks.

On the other hand, Cloudbric utilizes Logic Analysis Engine with statistical data and heuristically learns and analyzes the incoming traffic logically. With this method, even the new and unknown attacks can be blocked. To be more specific, when web traffic initially is being received by our detection software, it first passes through the Blacklist database to identify whether or not the IP address from where the request is being sent from has already been blacklisted or not. Assuming the visitor hasn’t been blacklisted, the request enters into another stage where our Logic Engine Analysis comes into play.

Now with Catalice, the layer between where the Logic Engine Analysis area and the website is where Machine Learning technology stands as an added security feed. When Exbrain, a Korean technology startup, developed the Machine Learning (ML) algorithm called Alice, Cloudbric quickly collaborated with them to adapt to the growing complexity of website characteristics. While Logic Analysis Engine analyzes the incoming traffic, Catalice analyzes the characteristics of websites, or the business logic of each website. With Catalice, we can benefit from this type of technology since hackers are continuously creating more sophisticated attempts to breach a network. ML allows the network to better protect itself while the hacker now has to follow a stricter set of “rules” compared to when ML wasn’t present. Cloudbric is extremely proud to own this technology and further protect network users of all kinds from unauthorized and/or malicious visitors.

We’re proud to offer this exiting upgrade with the help of our friends at Exbrain to continue leading the industry with trust and protection while adding more focus to evolutionary machine learning. It’s not all the time that only the Web Application Firewall (WAF) can be a sufficient solution to defending websites from being compromised. Because of the intense diversity of each website’s operational characteristics, Catalice uses Machine Learning to take a deeper dive into the website data in order to provide the best solutions to security.