Ask Cloudbric: What Differences Are There Between Using Cloudbric and Not Using It?

Cloudbric received a lot of questions about our web application security service, and in our mission to democratize cyber security, we try our best to make the information readily available. We post a lot of answers in our Help Center, but every week we will give a longer answer about one question. This week, a user asks…

What Differences Are There With or Without Cloudbric?

We’ve already discussed the differences between the most popular web application firewalls (WAF), but that doesn’t really help if you don’t know what a WAF such as Cloudbric does in the first place. Without Cloudbric, you might not be aware how much you need it. Your site might go offline from time to time, and you may find it blocked from search engines — two of the more optimistic hazards an unprotected website might face.

 A magnifying glass is held over a computer screen to reveal bugs.
Search engines scan your site using search bots, and if there is any problem, you might find yourself blacklisted.

Without Cloudbric, you have no way of keeping track of malicious visitors. Analytics services give you access to visitor activity, but they have no security protections and don’t allow you to block harmful visitors. Cloudbric’s dashboard lets you view all dangerous incoming traffic, with options to blacklist hostile IPs or even entire countries.With Cloudbric’s protection, your site is shielded by our server in one of two ways, depending on how you registered your website. If you changed your name servers, then your site is essentially hosted behind Cloudbric’s firewall. If you changed your A-records, traffic takes a detour through Cloudbric’s server to reach your website. Either way, Cloudbric acts as a filter analyzing and catching harmful traffic to your website.

Harmful attacks will be blocked before they even reach your website, affording you all the protection your website needs.

Adding Cloudbric’s protection doesn’t affect your current hosting provider and registrar. No installation is needed, and no purchase is necessary. You’re clearly better off with Cloudbric protecting your website, so why not get started today? If you want to learn more about website security, look no further.