3 Solid Startups You Need To Watch

According to Fortune Magazine, many startups fail because they run out of money or they lack experience. This is probably why users are reluctant to sign up and start putting their data. Even if the product is targeted, designed and marketed really well, the situation is not so stable.

How can we use the innovative products and services without having to worry about shutting down? Check if the startup is a spin-off or has a parent company. Choose a corporation-backed startup!

This type of startup has a higher chance or survival, from the planning stage to operation level. Having better access to resources is certainly an advantage. However, that does not necessarily mean that corporation-backed startups are lame. Startups are by nature committed to solving harder problems than ordinary businesses can handle.

That is why you need to watch these three startups below. Check out if they are fully leveraging their inborn abilities or merely being overprotected. In most ways, the success of these “solid” startups depends on the same factors that are critical to a “normal” startups. It all depends on users like you.

1. GoodBarber

The GoodBarber app helps you design your own apps.

GoodBarber is a DIY iPhone and Android mobile app startup. Focusing on design, its main target is non-developer app generators. GoodBarber provides qualitative stats on an app’s user base  so that this information can be used to send targeted push notifications.

Goodbarber is a mobile content management system developed by DuoApps. DuoApps has been building native iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps since 2009. DuoApps is a subsidiary of Webzine, the editor of WMaker CMS.

2. Cloudbric

Cloudbric offers an enterprise-level web application firewall for low cost. It protects websites from malicious intent and preemptively prevents online attacks. With its intuitive design, websites can be protected in just three steps without installation or download.

Penta Security Systems developed Cloudbric to make its security solution available for all users including startups and SMBs. Penta Security’s WAPPLES has been selected as “Best Web Firewall of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan, a global market research and consulting firm.

3. PhotoMath

PhotoMath is the world’s first camera calculator that reads and solves mathematical problems. The user points the camera towards a printed mathematical expression and the app gives the solution instantly.

PhotoMath is developed by MicroBlink, a software development company that develops computer vision technology for mobile devices. It has other products like blinkOCR (real-time camera text recognition SDK) and blinkID (ID scanning SDK).

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