[Weekly Security News] Cyberattacks from all around the world and the threat of hacker groups

[January 11, 2023]

1.   Exclusive: Russian hackers targeted U.S. nuclear scientists

A Russian hacking team known as ‘Cold River’ targeted three nuclear research laboratories in the United States. They have employed tactics such as tricking people into entering their usernames and passwords on fake websites to gain access to their computer systems.

Source : Reuters

2.   14 UK Schools Confidential Documents Leaked By Hackers

The BBC reports that a number of high-profile cyber attacks on US and UK schools over the past few months have been spearheaded by the hacker gang. The Vice Society just stole 500 terabytes or so of data from the LA Unified School District.

Source : Information Security Buzz


3.  Hacker group Anonymous claims to have disrupted Shibuya Ward’s official website

Shibuya Ward’s website has been disrupted by a cyberattack, claimed by international hacker group Anonymous. Ward officials said the disruption appears to have been caused by a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack which overloads the site with traffic.

Source : Japan Today


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