Cloudbric’s Cloud-Based WAF Certified by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Cloud-Based WAF

Cloudbric announced that its cloud-based WAF received a Certificate of Service Quality and Performance in the Cloud Computing SaaS category from the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of Korea.

NIPA, the public body responsible for the promotion of the IT industry in South Korea, and the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) of South Korea issue certifications of service quality to companies that provide high quality cloud-based services in South Korea. In issuing their certifications, NIPA, together with the Korea Association of Cloud Industry and the Telecommunications Technology Association, assess seven quality and performance criteria for the cloud services.

During NIPA’s assessment, Cloudbric WAF, web application firewall, demonstrated its availability, responsiveness, scalability, reliability, service continuity, maintenance, and customer service. For example, the cloud-based WAF requires no software to be installed, and users only need to complete a simple three-step process to use it.

Cloudbric can also offer customized services because its WAF is backed by its patented deep-learning engine VISIONTM, which can categorize and detect web attack patterns with a higher accuracy than any other WAF engine on the market. Accumulating data allows Cloudbric WAF to continually expand its power to filter out malicious traffic and protect its partners from cyberattacks.

Furthermore, Cloudbric WAF is fully managed, with cybersecurity experts who monitor partners’ and end-users’ web traffic 24/7. Cloudbric provides a user-friendly console for all partners and end-users to not only manage the security of their websites, but also access detailed cyberattack insights.

Cloudbric CEO“The certification from NIPA demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality WAF services to every organization, large or small. We envision a safe web environment for all public bodies and businesses by providing web security services and threat intelligence across the globe,” said Taejoon Jung, CEO of Cloudbric.

To learn more about how Cloudbric WAF can help organizations build a safe web environment, contact Cloudbric’s expert team.

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