Cloudbric Announces New Members to Advisory Board Team

Our team is excited to introduce new members to the team — Joining Cloudbric’s ICO project and our growing advisory board team are Caspar Wong and Steve C.Y. Pang of Goldford Group and Youngha Kim, former CEO of Samsung Electronics China.

With the help of our new advisors, Cloudbric is one step closer to tapping to the market in China. Below is a brief introduction and snapshot of our advisors’ past experiences and achievements.

First up is Caspar Wong who brings considerable expertise to the team, primarily in the business strategy aspect. Wong currently serves as the CEO of Goldford Fintech. He’s also held various C-level executive positions including Vice President of Goldford Group, Chairman of Hong Kong Young’s Professional Alliance Blockchain Committee, and Marketing Head of Quantum Gold.

Steve C.Y. Pang, also part of Goldford, serves as the Executive Director of Goldford Group and Goldford Venture Capital. Pang previously held the position of senior executive in the financial and IT sectors for more than 20 years, serving in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea.

Finally, YoungHa Kim is a renowned specialist in the Chinese market with more than 30 years of experience as the former CEO at Samsung Electronics China. Kim headed the branches in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai and showed strong financial performance and leadership throughout the years. Since his retirement in 2015, he is currently a professor at Dankook University in the Center of Innovative Engineering Education.

To learn more about Cloudbric’s Reverse ICO you can find us on our official ICO website, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you have any questions or would just like to talk to our team in real time come visit our Telegram channel!

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