Cloudbric Announces IDC Opening in Indonesia

IDC Jakarta, IndonesiaCloudbric’s 28th IDC (Internet Data Center) is now live in Jakarta, Indonesia. This marks Cloudbric’s second IDC opening in the Southeast Asia region.

More than half of Indonesians are now connected online. With internet usage growing rapidly in the region, the number of websites popping up is on the rise as well.

Whether it’s websites for conducting business or for personal usage, cybersecurity is a necessary topic of conversation, and as such, it makes sense that website security should be prioritized.

Opening this additional data center helps Cloudbric to deliver our website security services (WAF, DDoS, SSL) even faster to not only those in Indonesia but also for users in nearby countries in the SE Asia area as well.

With the launch of the new IDCs, we are aiming for greater customer satisfaction by raising the quality of protection for a wider range of customers.

Please check back on our blog for more updates regarding future IDC openings as we expand our global network.

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