Cloudbric for Hosting Companies

Empower your sales by adding value to new and existing customers

Cloudbric lets web hosting partners address new opportunities for revenue growth with our dynamic smart Web Application Firewall+ (WAF+). By supporting a worldwide ecosystem of partners, we are committed to providing top class security and communication.

Our focus on technology, customer service and value let our web hosting partners enjoy significant return on investment.

Why hosting companies need to protect their website?

– The clients of hosting companies will eventually need web security service
– Hosting companies have a great advantage in monetizing certain security solutions like WAF by working with such vendors
– Maintaining a low price puts you ahead of the competition who may offer expensive security add-ons.

The most important points when selecting WAF for hosting companies

– Full white-label option for resellers
– 24/7 monitoring & fully managed service
– Enterprise-graded security at affordable price

Hosting companies’ favorite Cloudbric WAF+ feature

– Easy to use – Intuitive user interface
– Logic based WAF unlike other WAF vendors
– All security related matters are managed by Cloudbric

White Label

White Label

Offer a branded security solution
to your customers.

high Margin

High Margin

Enjoy top industry benefits by
upselling your customers with
our WAF+ addon.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Our partner program is customized
to allow you to sign up your
customers however you like, on top
of Cloudbric’s 24/7 security

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