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To celebrate website renewal along with service upgrades and expansion, we’ve launched a special promotion!
All users who signed up before September can get two big benefits.

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Traffic Price
~10GB $29/month
~40GB $69/month
~100GB $149/month
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The size of your website doesn't matter. Incomplete security means no security. Cloudbric aims to enable all website owners to have the security capabilities they need to thrive in spite of a highly vulnerable web environment.

Features Cloudbric Incapsula Cloudflare
DDoS Protection Free $299 $200
SSL Support Free $59 Free
Custom SSL Free $299 $200
OWASP Core Rule Set Free $59 $20
Login Protection Free Free $200
PCI – Certified Free $59 $200
Logic based WAF Free $59
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FAQs about Pricing

How much is 4GB traffic?

Most starting websites have less than 4GB of web traffic per month. However, if you think your site may be over 4GB, here is how to calculate your web traffic.

4GB of Web Traffic per Month = 15 Web Visitors Daily x 4.5 Pages per Web Visitor x 2MB Average Web Page Size
How can I pay my bill?

An invoice will be forwarded to your mail on the first day of each month, and payment occurs on the third day of each month. Payment will be processed automatically using your credit card information (via PayPal) without complicated procedure!

Do I have to pay if I exceed 4GB?

You will receive an e-mail asking your credit card information (via PayPal) right after you exceed 4GB. If you don’t reply to us within 1 week, Cloudbric’s service on your website will be automatically terminated. Therfore, you don’t have to pay if you are not satisfied with Cloudbric!

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