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Use first, and pay later !

Start for FREE and pay only when your monthly traffic exceeds 4GB !

We charge you for website traffic ONLY

We are an honest business, and we just want you to pay for the traffic incurred on your website. Only  that. Our traffic-scalable plan will allow you to afford premium website security services and save you money in the long run!
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What does 4GB of Web Traffic Look Like?

Most starting websites have less than 4 GB of web traffic per month. However, if you think your site may be over 4 GB, here is how to calculate your web traffic.
*According to today’s standards, the average size of a web page is roughly 2 MB. Web page size can also vary depending on whether the page you are viewing features any multimedia to enhance the user experience (i.e. graphics, photos, videos, audio, etc.). To check your average web page size for your website, please visit the Page Size Checkers tool online. 

For 10GB, It Often Looks Like This

Compare Cloudbric to other services

We offer full security coverage, regardless of website traffic. By providing an all-inclusive web application firewall service, we hope to contribute to building a cyber-secure society!
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FEATURES Cloudbric Incapsula SiteLock Cloudflare
Advanced DDoS Protection(Layer 3, 4, 7) FREE $299 /mo Enterprise $200 /mo
PCI-Certified Web Application Firewall(WAF) FREE $59 /mo $299 /mo $20 /mo
OWASP Core Rule Set FREE $59 /mo $99 /mo $20 /mo
Reputation-based Threat Protection FREE $59 /mo $299 /mo FREE
Board Spam Protection FREE $59 /mo X X
Block Visitors by IP or country FREE $59 /mo X FREE
Login Protection FREE $59 /mo X X
SSL Support FREE $19 /mo FREE FREE

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