PCI-DSS Compliance
A powerful WAF to help meet industry standards
✓ PCI-compliant WAF
✓ Advanced DDoS protection (Layer 3,4 & 7)
✓ SSL certificate and installation
Web security on an “ongoing basis” (Requirement 6.6)
All businesses that process card payments online need to be PCI-DSS compliant.
Utilizing a PCI-DSS compliant WAF, Cloudbric is an easy solution for satisfying Requirement 6.6.
Cloudbric protects your web assets from the OWASP Top 10, in addition to all vulnerabilities outlined in Requirement 6.5.
Ongoing Web Security
Comprehensive and Affordable
Comprehensive protection shouldn’t be costly
To fulfill Requirement 6.6, businesses either have to perform continual application code reviews or install a WAF solution.
However, application code reviews are oftentimes costly and poorly-suited to the needs of SMBs without the internal resources to perform such assessments.
Cloudbric’s award-winning WAF comes with advanced DDoS protection and SSL coverage – at no additional cost.
Automatically apply strong cryptography (Requirement 4.1)
Cloudbric SSL service helps users encrypt sensitive cardholder data during transmission over open, public networks (Requirement 4.1). Let’s Encrypt certificates are individually issued for your root domain and, optionally, each subdomain registered on Cloudbric.
Every part of the process, including domain validation, certificate installation and renewal, is automated for our users.