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Only 1% of websites are protected.

Only one in 100 websites are actively protected. 99% of websites are left unprotected. For the 99% and more, the growth and spread of website security is our ultimate goal.

We know what you are worried about.

Most website operators avoid web security either because solutions are expensive and cumbersome or they are mistaken.
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Problem 1

Overpriced Hardware

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Problem 2

Overuse of
Technology Jargon

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Problem 3

About Website Protection

We have solutions for you.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.
Cloudbric makes securing any website simple and affordable.
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Solution 1

Payment plan based
on traffic usage

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Solution 2

and engaging formats

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Solution 3

website protection

We are ready for the 99%

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Freemium service for 99% websites
Start for FREE with full security coverage and access to all features. We offer affordable plans only when your monthly traffic exceeds 4GB.
Anyone can protect their website
Know who’s attacking your website. At all times. Cloudbric is developed with intuitiveness and usability in mind. Maps and charts help even the least tech-savvy customers to understand data easily.
Enterprise-level web security
We are leading the "Security-as-a-Service" with our preemptive detection system. It not only blocks all the known attacks, but also new types of attacks immediately.

The number of websites has exploded.

Cloudbric team aims to bring a new level of security to every client, regardless of their knowledge in cyber-security, size of their website or type of business.
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Let Cloudbric be your shield

Cloudbric brings an enterprise-level of security to every client, regardless of their knowledge in cyber-security, size, or type of business.