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For 99% and more, the growth and spread
of website security is our ultimate goal.

Cloudbric team aims to bring a new level of security to every client, regardless of their knowledge in cyber-security, size of their website or type of business.
Cloudbric team and offices are international

The Objective of Cloudbric


Jaeson YOO


BA, Occidental College

Director of Global Business at Penta Security Systems Inc.
Former CEO of Rusko Co., Ltd.
Previous experience in investment consulting and risk management.

D.S. Kim



CTO at Penta Security Systems Inc.

Received Medal for Innovation in Software by Korea Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning.

S.G. Sim

Chief Security Architect


Professor of Cybersecurity Studies, Soon Chun Hyang University.

Head of IoT Convergence Lab.

T.J. Jung

VP, Product


Previously held positions at Penta Security Systems Inc. include:

Product Manager, D’Amo
Product Manager, WAPPLES
Technical Director, Global Business
Business Development, MyDiamo

Penta Security Logo
Founded by Jaeson Yoo in 2014, Penta Security Systems Co. (USA) provides web application security products to more than 2,900 firms including the government, large enterprises, small and medium businesses, educational and financial organizations. Penta Security Systems Co. has 18 years of background service in web security thanks to Penta Security Systems Inc. (KR), which has accumulated valuable experience while serving firms and institutions in the advanced and fiercely competitive APAC market. Thanks to the trust earned from customers, Penta Security Systems Co. has grown very rapidly during 18 years in business, maintaining unmatched market shares in many areas of information security. Penta Security Systems Co.’s hardware products include Cloudbric, WAPPLES (a web application firewall; appliance and virtual versions available), D’Amo (a database encryption solution), ISSAC-Web and I-Sign Plus (PKI encryption products). Penta Security Systems Co. is the best vendor for web application firewall and database encryption products, and seeks to expand their presence globally with the mission of spreading “positive influence” by protecting information transmitted through computer technology.

Office locations


United States

6220 Westpark,

Suite #222,

Houston, 77057


South Korea

Hanjin Shipping Bldg. 20th fl.

25-11 Yoido-dong,

Youngdeungpo-ku, 150-949



Ascend Akasaka Bldg. 3F.

3-2-8 Akasaka,

Minato-ku, 107-0052