Cloudbric for MSPs

Future-proof your customer’s web application security and boost revenue with WAF+

We support our Managed Security Services Provider (MSP) partners in the vital responsibility of defending your customer’s data with WAF+ and its patented AI engine protection from both known and zero-day attacks.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our WAF+, which protects against all web application OWASP top 10 threats as tested by Wizlynx with a 100% accuracy.

Cloudbric’s solution can be customized to your infrastructure and traffic requirements, whether it is a custom-built cloud solution or a pre-packaged hosted solution from top data centers.

Why MSPs need to protect their website?

– Gain additional revenue
– Stand out among competitors
– Resolve customer security concerns

The most important points when selecting WAF for MSPs

– Uptime guarantee
– Easy integration with SIEM/SOC solution
– Trial service

* SIEN : Security Information and Event Management
* SOC : Security Operation Center

MSPs’ favorite Cloudbric WAF+ feature

– 30days free trial service
– 99.9% uptime guarantee
– Monthly report
– Full white-label option with SIEM/SOC solution

White Label

White Label

Bundle your security products with
WAF+ to offer an all-inclusive branded
cybersecurity solution for your

high Margin

High Margin

Receive top industry rewards and
benefits for more flexibility in your

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Cloudbric’s team supports you
during your sales cycle by providing
security expert knowledge,
product demonstrations, and
always-on customer service.

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