website protection

for 99% of websites

99% of websites are left unprotected.

Only one in 100 websites have active protection. Most unprotected website operators feel that proper web protection is expensive or unnecessary.

Overpriced Hardware

Security hardware is too expensive and intimidating.

Overuse of

Technology Jargon

Security services are too technical for average people to understand.


About Website Protection

Hosting services and CMS do not actually protect individual websites.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Cloudbric makes securing any website simple.

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Freemium service for 99% websites
Start for FREE with full security coverage and access to all features. We offer affordable plans only when your monthly traffic exceeds 4GB.
Anyone can protect their website
Know who’s attacking your website. At all times. Cloudbric is developed with intuitiveness and usability in mind. Maps and charts help even the least tech-savvy customers to understand data easily.
Enterprise-level web security
We are leading the "Security-as-a-Service" with our preemptive detection system. It not only blocks all the known attacks, but also new types of attacks immediately.

No costs. No hardware.

No installation.

In just 3 minutes.

Cloudbric can be used by anyone with a website and domain, regardless of website platforms. It takes less than 3 minutes to activate Cloudbric on your website – a simple DNS change is all you need. Click the monitor image to experience our dashboard.
Sign up with your domain.
Change the name server.
Get a full analysis report.

How it works

We set up a shield in front of your website that filters malicious intents.
We guarantee you can rest assured that your website is covered from all types of cyber-attacks.

Our Customers

Even though I realized the importance of web security after my website was hacked, I was concerned about the cost for security at the same time. However, since Cloudbric offers free security service up to 4GB, I could resolve all of my concerns, and protect my websites.
"I'm using Cloudbric to get free enterprise-level security for my online furniture store. I am very pleased with the full-service protection and customer service. I will definitely spread the word."
"I thought hackers were not interested in my website. But after registration, the dashboard showed that 18 hackers attacked my site 114 times in just one day. Every day, Cloudbric detects over hundreds of attacks for me."
"Cloudbric identified an attack IP for my lawsuit by detecting over 5000 attacks from a single source."