Free SSL Certificate

We provide free SSL certificates when you add your websites to Cloudbric. Also with automatic renewal, certificate management is made that much easier. Sensitive information exchanged online remain encrypted and safe from data thieves.

FAQs about SSL
What is SSL?

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a certificate that encrypts communication between a visitor and web server. The SSL certificate should be installed in the web server.

Don’t Users have to purchase SSL?

No. Cloudbric provides Free SSL Certificate for all websites on Cloudbric.

Why use SSL?

Without SSL, communication between a visitor and web server can be exposed to others. To protect visitor’s personal information, you have to encrypt all communications.

Is Free SSL reliable?

Cloudbric’s SSL is integrated with Let’s Encrypt, which is cross-signed by IdenTrust, trusted by widely used web browsers.

Free SSL Added to Your Website Once You Activate Cloudbric

Installing SSL typically involves a verification process to prove your domain ownership and also requires you to store the certificate on the web server after issuance. However, Cloudbric doesn’t require you to do such additional work. We do it all for you. By simply activating Cloudbric on your website, SSL is issued and renewed automatically every 90 days, free of charge.

  • Confirm website’s validity and ownership
  • Issue SSL
  • Store SSL on the web server
  • Renew SSL periodically
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  • Issue and renew certificate automatically
Get SSL for Your Website without Additional Steps or Costs