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Welcome to Cloudbric

Cloudbric is a cloud-based enterprise-level website protection service. Our unique web attack detection technology is based on Penta Security Systems’s award-winning WAPPLES web application firewall. We protect over 2,900 enterprise clients and have over 18 years of expertise in cybersecurity. We believe in providing comprehensive website protection to everyone—regardless of size. Our services are free up to 4 GB of web traffic per month. Get started today!
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Cloudbric is the most advanced web security


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Only 3 steps to start!

STEP 1. Signing up
Click on the SIGN UP button from the main menu above. You’ll be directed to the sign up page, where you submit basic information and create an account.
Sign up for to create an account for Cloudbric protection
Sign Up
STEP 2. Submit your domain URL
Cloudbric automatically identifies whether your website needs an SSL certificate. We will walk you through the SSL activation process.
Form for inputting your domain URL for Cloudbric protection
Getting Started – Step 2
STEP 3. Update your name server
You will be asked to update your name server. This is to route traffic through Cloudbric’s network, rather than having traffic go directly to your web server IP leaving your website vulnerable. Please refer to the DNS setup guide.
Name servers screen to let users connect to the fastest network
Getting Started – Step 3

Cloudbric’s Interactive Dashboard

Once you register your website to Cloudbric, you will be able to see who has been visiting your website through our unique dashboard. To understand how our dashboard works, scroll the bottom image left to right
Sign up now button for Cloudbric