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We don’t play favorites with our customers. We offer all-inclusive security to all.

Securing your website doesn’t have to be rocket science. Other security providers charge their customers based on the number of features provided, racking up expenses for a basic security package that does not really provide protection at all.
Cloudbric protects against the most common and devastating attacks: cyber attacks, data leakage, website vandalism, and DDoS attacks. Cloudbric guarantees that your website will be protected against all kinds of malicious threats. Cloudbric is the most comprehensive security solution for the average website owner.
Circular four quadrant diagram that shows the threats that Cloudbric all inclusive security protects against

What happens when my website gets hacked?

No matter how small your business is, you are still under threat from cyber-attacks. Attacks on website can have devastating effects on your day-to-day business. An unprotected website allows all kinds of bots and hackers to wreak havoc.

Stolen admin account

Blue dollar sign

Financial and legal

fees from data leak

Bar chart progressively increasing

Manipulated website traffic

Circle button with an X in the middle

Website unavailable

after hack attack

Web Attacks

Web attack is like a basic step in website hacking that all hackers must go through. It results in malware proliferation. Since Google blocks websites disrupted by malware, it brings down one’s Google search rank tremendously. As a result, all of your marketing efforts to bring up your SEO rank are undermined.
Suspicious man with dark sunglasses and a hat

Web attacks are the gateway to every hack attack

Online Payment Compliance (PCI-DSS)

Data leak for small businesses results in heavy financial loss. You are also required to comply with PCI-DSS 6.6 standards as long as you have a credit card payment module on your website. Cloudbric can protect you against data leak and comply with the global credit card information security standards!
credit card being swiped for use by a hand

Data leak for small business results in heavy financial loss

Online Shopping Hacks

There are so many damages that hackers can cause by manipulating website traffic. They can replace pictures on the personal website with adult content images. For online shop owners, web hacking can result in price manipulation and phishing through the login page. Imagine your product’s price be purchased for $1 when it is actually $1,000. They will sneak in a hack attack when you are not watching and you will be a victim of this unfair transaction!
Online shopping bag with a one dollar price tag

Hackers can cause damage by manipulating website traffic

Zombies and DDoS

DDoS is a type of hack attack that shuts down websites by bombarding one’s website with too much traffic. No website is immune from a DDoS attack. Hackers will turn your web server into a zombie PC for a DDoS attack. Without Cloudbric, your website could become a zombie PC or be attacked by botnets. What’s more, when your website gets infiltrated with malware through zombie PCs, it will be blocked from Google. Your search engine ranking will suddenly drop.
Skull with a DDoS bomb in front of it

Hackers can cause damage by manipulating website traffic

Why hosting websites are not a

safeguard from hacks

Indeed, most hosting services do not provide website protection. Their security focuses on their web server, not individual websites. This is the same for popular CMS tools. You are still vulnerable to attacks even if you constantly update their security patches. (You may not even do this.) You are responsible for all the damage. Only Cloudbric’s web application firewall can lessen your burden.
Boy with headphones sitting in a chair with a macbook on lap