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The damage and humiliation of website vandalism

Home that says warning is being attacked by vandals writing bad words on the website
Every website is vulnerable to website vandalism.
Website defacement is the direct result of a hacker gaining administrative access and making changes to your website. Website defacement can be fatal to your business! Your website will experience downtime while it is under this attack. Compromised website content can also mean loss of trust from your customers.
Finally, website defacement can damage your brand image and lead to a direct decrease in sales.

01. Brand Damage

Although many hackers break security for financial exploitation, others hack websites for fun. Their pranks are limitless – imagine getting your online commerce website spammed with adult content images!
Getting hacked even once will be a huge blow to one’s personal or company brand, as it significantly brings down customer’s trust in the individual or small business.

02. Website Defacement

Imagine how a $1,000 item on your online shop is sold for one cent. Hackers can do this easily by manipulating website traffic. Without you knowing, hackers will infiltrate your website and buy a $1,000 watch for a penny. Without Cloudbric, you may never find out this has happened on your website!

03. Traffic Defacement

Phising leads to website users entering personal information on a hacker’s copy of the website. This tactic is very easy to use for hackers because they simply just modify the source code of the website. Even webmasters are unable to catch the differences between a defaced version and the original.