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DDoS, the zombie crisis

Home that says my web is being attacked by zombies or botnets for DDoS
Zombies can descend on your website!
There are an innumerable amount of zombie computers around the world. These computers are compromised and manipulated to create the high traffic flow necessary for DDoS attacks. These attacks cannot be blocked by normal antivirus or anti-malware solutions. Once compromised by a DDoS attack, your website may be blacklisted or banned by your web hosting service because of the abnormal traffic. DDoS can also deny access to regular visitors of your website.

01. Service Breakdown

There is nothing more exhilarating to hackers than shutting down your website. By spreading malicious codes, they develop a zombie drone and blast the website with login attempts, which leads your website shutting down.
Repairing web servers is costly and time-consuming. While the website is under construction, you will not be able to provide online services to your customers.

02. System / Network (Layer 3-4) DDoS

DDoS attacks can occur on the web server level. System/Netwok DDoS is a special type of DDoS attack that overloads the server with more than the hardware can handle.
Most websites are highly vulnerable to System/Network DDoS attacks unless they are big website on high-performance web servers.

03. Application (Layer 7) DDoS

DDoS attacks can also occur directly onto the HTTP and HTTPS protocol. This attack shuts down website service by overloading the traffic with more than it can handle.
Amongst the most devastating attcks of this kind is Slowloris. It slows down the application processing time with little traffic, which leads to a shut down. This insidious attack is not easy to track because it doesn’t flood the server.