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Not everyone

is a security specialist.

It took us 18 years.

Website protection hardware with Cloudbric cloud above it
The core security schemes of Cloudbric were developed from Penta Security’s Web Application Firewall Appliance
Cloudbric is backed by Korea’s largest IT security firm, Penta Security Ltd. The excellence of Penta security’s logic-based-protection technology has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan, Gartner, Tolly, and IDG.

The most advanced security solutions available.

mountains that all represent different website protection companies and Cloudbric is the highest mountain
Penta Security’s web application firewall provides the most effective security. It was rated considerably higher than the widely known vendor Imperva’s technology. Cloudbric is known for higher performance and greater functionality than Incapsula. Sitelock and Sucuri are built on an open-source engine called Mod Security.

Self-learning engine based on Logic Analysis

Logic based analysis

Web traffic trail that leads to different numbered points like 1, 2, 3, 25, and 26
The Logic Analysis Engine is what makes Cloudbric separate from other website protection solutions. Cloudbric does not use a signature-based engine to blacklist and whitelist the traffic. This system can block legitimate traffic while unknown attacks cannot be blocked. Cloudbric’s self-learning engine detects both known and unknown attacks with logical algorithms. It not only has a higher accuracy rate, but also doesn’t downgrade your website performance.

Protection technology used by

most renowned companies.

Cloudbric’s parent company, Penta Security provides the logic-based protection technology  to more than 2,900 companies worldwide. Cloudbric provides the same technology to website owners and small businesses worldwide.