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No Coding, No Download, No Hardware

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It shouldn’t be too complicated to protect your precious websites. There is no hardware or software to install or maintain and you do not need to change any of your site’s existing codes. Simply visit your current hosting site and change your ‘name server’ or ‘A record’ into that of Cloudbric. Then, Cloudbric will re-route visitors through  our server before reaching your website. Cloudbric now becomes your domain provider, while your current hosting provider and domain remain the same.

Top 3 most frequently

asked questions.

What happens when I change the name server?

Once you register your domain, Cloudbric arranges a private space for your website. This space on Cloudbric’s server is based on AWS, the global top tier name server. Cloudbric then directs legitimate traffic to your website. Use preview function to see if your website works well after integrating Cloudbric.

Does website speed slow down when redirecting traffic?

Cloudbric protects your website without downgrading the performance. Cloudbric automatically chooses the content delivery network center that is nearest to your web server. Our own lab test results show that the speed degradation is less than 0.001ms.

How do I change the name server?

We have provided a walk-through for 32 of the most popular domain hosting sites. Click the link below to find out how to change your domain.
If your domain is not listed or if you have more questions, go to FAQs>

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