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How many hackers visit my website?

Even small websites are at risk, averaging about 10 attacks per week. Try this free tutorial and find out how to be protected!

How can I set extra security mode on login attempts?

Click on the specific URLs to set additional restrictions on security on specific URLs. You can also block excessive login attempts or logins, as well as spam entries.
Limiting access to login and bulletin boards can help you guard your website against the toughest intruders.

What are hackers trying to do with my site?

Cloudbric evaluates the hacker’s specific intent and shares this with you on the dashboard. We have classified 26 different attacks into 6, making it simple for you to understand!

1) Spreading Malware
2) Identity Theft
3) Scanning Vulnerabilities
4) Interrupting Server
5) Monetary Loss
6) Falsifying Websites

How do I block a specific IP?

Cloudbric shows you hack attempts by their IP addresses. You can simply click once to completely block an IP address. Of course, you can also whitelist certain IPs so that they can always access your website.
You never have to manually block hacker IPs if you don’t want to. Cloudbric has its own list of infamous hackers’ IP lists and blocks them completely for your website. We update our list at the beginning of every month to keep your website security up to date.
Cloudbric dashboard lets users customize web traffic and block web visitors by IP address
Cloudbric dashboard zoom in to show the exact region users want to block traffic from

How do I block traffic from a certain country?

Have you ever wondered why you get hack attacks from irrelevant countries? For example, we helped a US-based online commerce website from an attack by Europe.
To make it easier to understand, Cloudbric shows you a map of the world colorcoded with attacks from corresponding countries. You can click on the countries to block traffic from specific ones!

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