5 types of remote access hacking
With the rise of a remote working population, “remote hackers” have been re-emerging as well. These remote hackers take advantage of remote working technologies like video conferencing tools, enterprise VPNs, and other remote access solutions that have become popular during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are ways bad actors can use remote access hacking opportunities to hack into remote access tools, steal sensitive data, and disrupt businesses. 1) Corporate VPN Companies and organizations that had to
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Best practices for securing remote access solutions
Is your team working remotely during COVID-19? Are you concerned about cybersecurity? Are you looking for a secure yet hassle-free way to connect with your team? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, keep reading.  Most day-to-day tasks performed in offices rely heavily on technology. This dependence on technology has increased multifold, given the Coronavirus pandemic. Most companies have initiated a telework policy to continue operations while ensuring employee safety.  Therefore, work teams are
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remote working personal computer
COVID-19 has changed the way people live their everyday lives. People are being told to practice social distancing, company employees are largely working from home, and students are taking online classes.  Because hackers are targeting end users who do not have a secure work environment, some organizations may not be prepared to handle cybersecurity concerns brought upon the COVID-19 crisis. The rate of cyberattacks is rising, and a lot of users are being tricked into
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business vpn
If you are an individual user, relying on VPNs (Virtual Private Network) is an excellent tactic to secure your information from prying eyes online. As far as IT professionals and businesses go, the situation is extremely different. A VPN is undoubtedly a right step in the right direction, but, as far as the corporate or business VPNs go, they are falling short on different fronts. If we talk about the pre-COVID-19 era, a business VPN
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remote learning
The need for proper security solutions for the education sector is stronger than ever As schools began to shut down their operation due to the COVID-19 situation, there has been a huge move to remote learning across all educational institutions.  This move involves implementing the proper remote learning solutions to maximize the learning experience for students.  At the same time, schools need to ensure that the solutions they are using are compliant with privacy regulations
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For companies and organizations quickly racing to prepare their employees for the remote work environment during the COVID-19 crisis, it may be time to consider a remote access solution. Depending on your needs, a remote access solution can allow employees or members of your organizations to securely access resources located in your private network or remotely connect to another physical computer. So which remote access solution is right for your business or organization? Business or
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When COVID-19 hit the world, many businesses around the world were thrown into the chaos of having to work remotely.  Without a proper protocol in place, companies and organizations were forced to find quick workaround solutions to set up remote work access for their employees. It was that or choosing between sending their employees home and losing productivity, versus increasing the chances of their employees being exposed to cybersecurity risks.  Within our own network, a
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In the recent past, remote work has become a common practice throughout the world. Many employees regard this as a flexible option since they get to work from places where they are most comfortable.  Although working remotely enhances the work-life balance and employee productivity, there is a downside to it. There are real cybersecurity threats with remote work, which put your organization’s data at risk. A recent report published on Forbes indicates that remote employees
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covid19 email phishing scam
The current pandemic has sent a tremendous army of office workers home. This is indeed a challenge for many specialists who are used to working in teams. However, it imposes even greater challenges to IT support teams whose task is to ensure that their employees are cyber secured in the remote work environment. Evidently, the number of attacks on big companies’ systems is growing during such unprecedented times. Thus, for many businesses, the top priority
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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) typically operates by establishing a secure connection by creating an encrypted tunnel between the user and the VPN’s web server. In other words, a VPN creates a private network utilizing the internet; this ‘virtual’ private network works not unlike a secure intranet, so users can remotely connect to web servers including otherwise private corporate servers. As all data is encrypted, even if the data is intercepted by a third party,
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