data breach
Data breaches are costly for any type of business. For smaller enterprises, especially, a data breach can cost a company to go out of business entirely. Among industries, the healthcare industry is by far the leading sector targeted by hackers. We don’t have to look far to know that this is true. WannaCry, Petya, NotPetya all had devastating impacts on the healthcare industry, infecting computers, and medical devices around the world. But where do other
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cloudbric GBA
Cloudbric, a cloud-based website security provider, has earned the prestigious Silver status in the Golden Bridge Awards for its free cybersecurity to vulnerable industries during COVID-19. The Golden Bridge Awards program encompasses the world’s best in organizational performance, innovations, products and services, executives, and management teams from every major industry in the world. For the COVID-19 Business Response Awards Category, Best Service To Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19, Cloudbric was selected as one
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types of cyberattacks
Nowadays the risk of web attacks is increasing, and cyberattacks, such as website forgery, tampering, and unauthorized access to personal information, can cause significant damage than what you expect. Most would think of DDoS attacks or website forgery when they hear the word cyberattacks, but there are certainly more types of cyberattacks.  Here are some typical cyberattacks to watch out for in 2020:  SQL injection attack Cross-site script (XSS) attack DoS/DDoS attack OS Command Injection
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website security
If you depend on e-commerce to sell merchandise, odds are you have a website. Greater still are the odds you’ve implemented tools and procedures to drive web traffic to your website.  Unfortunately, all your hard work could be erased in an instant. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 540 publicly reported data breaches occurred in the first six months of 2020.  While this is down from 2019 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, in total,
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People install CCTVs and alarm systems to prevent trespassers from entering their home or their office. But how about IT companies that have a lot of expensive products and sensitive data?  Due to time and cost difficulties, it is actually hard to apply equally high-level security in your office, home, and IT environment. That is why you should focus on securing the place with the most risks. That is the web application layer in the IT
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A managed security service provider (MSSP) is basically a manager that tends to the IT security needs of a business sourced from outside the organization itself. MSSPs are a very important resource for businesses looking to maximize the security of their network but lack the resources that they need to build an internal large cybersecurity team.  Business executives often get frustrated because of their collapsing technology budgets, enforcements, the possibility of a hack, and their
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security risks
According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report (2020), a data breach now costs a company an average of $3.86 million. Although remote work doesn’t account for the majority of the risks, it does, in fact, increase them. We have written extensive articles on the importance of cybersecurity in the past so we won’t be going over the basics again. Instead, let’s try to understand the risks involved with what rapidly becomes the norm
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Undoubtedly, remote learning has always been an alternative to face-to-face education. Teachers from any field would use cloud-based tools to encourage student’s collaboration. They would also grant access to academic resources and even provide support via teleconferencing.  But it was the COVID-19 lockdowns that made remote education a necessity. Now, many academic curricula are entirely virtual, and most will stay like that.  Educational institutions can utilize remote access solutions to allow students and faculty to
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education sector
Networks around the world have had to rapidly scale in order to accommodate a remote workforce. This has put tremendous pressure on IT managers and administrators. Some common challenges faced by organizations currently operating during the COVID-19 pandemic include: Lack of bandwidth Lack of remote access solutions Inadequate firewalls or VPN solutions This challenge is no exception for IT administrators in the education sector, whether it’s K-12, higher education, or private institutions. IT administrators have
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What is telehealth? Telehealth is the delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services through users’ computers and mobile devices. Now more than ever, telehealth is gaining traction as coronavirus continues to grapple organizations worldwide.  Helping patients and healthcare staff to remotely access health information services, medical care, education, and digital communication, telehealth is at the center of many online discussions.  Healthcare providers are taking advantage of telehealth to protect patients and staff from the
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