So you’ve put together a team, figured out a prototype for delivering an innovative solution to society’s most pressing problems, and have started winning pitches across the globe. But before things really take off, could your business already be compromised? Cybercrime could be a more pressing concern for startups than you’d think. Imagine finding a similar product already launched by some other company, in a foreign market, packaged using your logos and designs, with nearly
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The definition and concept of website will invariably differ depending on the demographic you’re questioning. Defined literally, a website is a connected group of pages on the internet that use unique addresses and routes on the network, which are based on internet protocols. But who can actually understand this kind of explanation? CMS has become the leading solution to building a website with relative ease, and has become a second home for bloggers worldwide.  Some of the most
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There are two types of risks in the world. One is obviously perceived as the “dangerous” risk where people are aware of the risk and talk about it. So to say, they make a big deal out of it. The other is what people think of as a “harmless” risk. People believe that it is unlikely to happen. The risk is often, however, not negligible. The latter cognitive approach may give rise to serious trouble. As you
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A Web Application Firewall blocks various web attacks What is So Special About Cloudbric? Whether you are running a startup or small business that runs a company website, then you know how important it is to keep your website safe from web hackers. There are many ways that you can keep your website or internal network safe. However, the best way to accomplish this goal without any added stress or worry is to use a Web Application
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In real life, you have multiple options to try to keep your home and workplace safe. Most offices now will have locks with anti-drill features or sensors by entrypoints. Homes often have alarm systems activated and possibly a neighborhood watch to keep an eye out for strange sounds or sights. Still, there’s nothing like having your very own bodyguard or security guard so that whatever you’re protecting has 24/7 security. For many people, using security
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The Cloudbric team is excited to participate in the TechCrunch Pitch-Off in Seoul next week. This is a great opportunity for us to introduce Cloudbric and our commitment to web security! We will have two minutes to tell the audience about our service, followed by four minutes of questions from panel. If you happen to attend this TC meetup, please come visit our booth for a free giveaway. Something fabulous is on its way, so keep an eye
Your Website is Published. Is it Good to Go? According to the Netcraft January 2015 web server survey, there are over 876 million websites all around the world. Among them, however, 30,000 websites are hacked each day and the majority of these websites are legitimate small businesses that are irrelevant to cyber criminals. Why is this the case? Many of them missed the final touch. The website owners must have thought their websites were ready to
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When we call somebody a ‘professional’, we mean he or she is competent or skilled in a particular activity. This is why when we are looking at professional services firms, we expect that they will satisfy our needs with their deep knowledge, practical experience and high ethics. After all, we ask them to help fix the problem we ourselves could not deal with, we trust them, and we pay a lot of service fees (and
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According to Fortune Magazine, many startups fail because they run out of money or they lack experience. This is probably why users are reluctant to sign up and start putting their data. Even if the product is targeted, designed and marketed really well, the situation is not so stable. How can we use the innovative products and services without having to worry about shutting down? Check if the startup is a spin-off or has a parent
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Data can exceed a buffer’s capacity Not many people may know or have heard about buffer overflow, but Cloudbric is here to help you understand this dangerous web threat. To put it simply, most programs that run in our computers manipulate data of some form. This data could originate from data associated with the program or logged data that is stored on your computer. The computer assigns this data to a temporary storage, also known
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