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With its vast expertise in securing web application servers, cloud, and mobile platforms, Cloudbric has developed the Cloudbric Threat DB, a powerful resource in the fight against cyber threats. This database is built upon data collected from Cloudbric’s own security solutions, as well as information gathered from the alliance of global security leaders, known as the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), and valuable user reports.
The Cloudbric Threat DB swiftly identifies and categorizes various forms of cyber threats, including malware, phishing attempts, and more. These valuable insights are then applied to the diverse range of security solutions offered by Cloudbric.
Furthermore, to stay ahead of emerging threats, Cloudbric’s team of security experts continually update and refine the Cloudbric threat databases. Through extensive research into the latest security technologies, they enhance the effectiveness of the Cloudbric Threat DB.

(*CTA, Cyber Threat Alliance is a cyber threat data sharing platform created by a combination of global security companies such as Symantec, McAfee, and Fortinet. Cloudbric is one of the three leading security companies in Korea that have passed the CTA qualification.)

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01. Cloudbric Threat DB

(Blockchain-based Cyber Threat Database)

Cloudbric Threat DB offers threat data lookup and provision, API access, and supplies valuable information such as hacker wallet addresses, phishing URLs, and malicious IPs. Through Cloudbric Labs, data is collected and analyzed from over 700,000 sites across 95 countries on a daily basis. This extensive data collection enables the development of diverse security solutions that provide users with a secure and seamless browsing experience.

Cloudbric Threat DB provides;

  •  Threat data collected by Cloudbric’s own security solutions, the  Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), and user reports.
  •  Search capabilities to determine whether data is at risk
    *malicious IP addresses, phishing URLs, and hacker wallet addresses
  •  APIs for accessing information about malicious IP addresses

02. Cryptobric

Cryptobric is a mobile security solution that implements Secure Web Gateway (SWG) technology. This advanced technology leverages the power of the Cloudbric Threat DB to safeguard users against web-based threats, effectively preventing unauthorized access to their devices and data.

With SWG technology, Cryptobric offers robust protection against a wide range of cyber threats, including phishing URLs embedded in text messages and emails.

Cloudbric Cryptobric


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Block Phishing URLs

Protect your information and devices from cyber threats by blocking access to phishing domains in text messages, emails, and other sources.

Malware Detection

With just one touch, Cryptobric verifies the stability of both regular and blockchain apps on your mobile device, scanning for malware to ensure device safety.

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Reward Program

Users can enhance cyber security and receive free CLBK tokens by reporting cyber threat information to Cryptobric or the Cloudbric Labs community.

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03. Cloudbric VPN

Cloudbric VPN is a security-optimized VPN service that leverages Cloudbric’s extensive experience, accumulated know-how, and the Cloudbric Threat DB developed in collaboration with security experts and utilizing valuable user reports.

By employing algorithms specifically designed for enhanced security, Cloudbric VPN ensures a highly protected connection environment for the customers.

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Cryptobric for mac

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Available on Windows 10 (64-bit), Mac OS Sierra 10.12 and later.

Available on Android 5.0, iOS 12 and later version.

Cloudbric VPN, Free Fast VPN

Cloudbric VPN

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