About Us
Who We Are

Cloudbric started off as an in-house endeavor in 2015 by one of APAC’s leading security companies, Penta Security Systems Inc. Spinning off as its own legal entity in December 1, 2017, the founding members carried over 20 years of IT expertise and developed Cloudbric into more than just a cloud WAF service. Following immense growth, Cloudbric has since molded into a comprehensive web security provider, adding DDoS protection, SSL, and more on top of its WAF.

Innovation is our language, and we won’t settle for anything less than exceptional.

What We Do

We provide web security, and we do it well. We boast a logic-based detection engine (meaning better precision–lower false positives!) for our WAF, and differentiate ourselves by offering a comprehensive package consisting of WAF, SSL, and DDoS protection as the default.

On a mission to make web security available for all, we’ve made our service accessible and affordable. We’re also well on our way to venture into new and emerging industries (like IoT) as we move closer to becoming an all-around cloud-based security provider.

So what exactly is it that we do? We help to make the internet a safer place by providing all types of users the web’s most essential security tools without the premium price tag.

Office Locations

Cloudbric has office locations in Seoul and Pohang.

South Korea


Eusu Holdings Bldg. 16th floor, 25-11 Yoido-dong, Youngdeungpo-ku, Seoul

Registered Office

Jigok Research Bldg. #105, Cheongam-ro 77, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do