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Cloudbric is a fast-growing cloud and edge computing security company

Company Name




Cloudbric Corporation

Taejoon Jung

September 8, 2017

115, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (07241)

Registered Office
105, 77, Cheongam-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea

東京都新宿区市谷田町3-8 市ヶ谷科学技術イノベーションセンタービル12F

20 Maxwell Road, #11-02 Maxwell House, Singapore, Singapore 069113, SG

16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware, USA 19958

Cloudbric began in 2015 as an in-house endeavor at Penta Security Systems, Asia-Pacific’s leading cybersecurity provider with over 20 years of industry experience. Since its launch as a web application firewall (WAF) in 2017, Cloudbric WAF+
has evolved into a fully-managed SECaaS –or Security-as-a-Service.

Cloudbric was the first security service provider in Korea to provide a 100% cloud-based WAF as well as the first to
implement a deep-learning artificial intelligence module to update the security policies. Cloudbric now provides
clients across the globe with cloud and edge computing security services for everything from enterprise web servers
to IoT and endpoint devices.

Company History


Established a U.S. corporation

Acquired Innobiz Certification

Designated as a promising export small and medium


Silver Award for “Best Service To Combat and Reduce
the Impact of COVID-19” by ‘Golden Bridge Awards’

Promising Startup in the post-COVID19 era
by the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Best WAF, IT Trend Annual Ranking by Japan IT Trend

Certificate of Service Quality and Performance
by National IT Industry Promotion Agency of Korea


Patents Registered for Deep-learning Engine ‘VISIONTM’ in USA, Japan, South Korea

“Hot Company Website Security” by Cyber Defense

13,000+ users on Cloudbric WAF+
(Web security platform service)

Released Cryptobric: a security application for
digital assets on mobile devices


Silver Award for Innovation in Technology Development
by the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards

Silver Award for “Startup of the Year”
by the Info Security PG Awards

Gold Award for “Cybersecurity Project of the Year”
by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Bronze Award for “Website Security”
by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards


Cloudbric Corporation spin-off
from Penta Security Systems

Released Cloudbric Business Edition for Enterprises


Cloudbric web security reaches 3,000 DAU

Partnership deals with 10 Global Partners

“Best SME Security Solution” Award
by SC Magazine Europe

“Hot Company in Web Application Security”
by Cyber Defense Magazine

What We Do

Cloudbric offers cloud and edge computing security services including a web security
service, IoT (Internet of Things) security, endpoint security, and threat intelligence.


Cloud-Based WAF

Simple onboarding with DNS setting change; no need for installation

Fully managed service available 24/7, established on a logic-based deep-
learning engine for web threat

Available on popular cloud IaaS
including AWS, MS Azure, Alibaba
Cloud as well as VPS


IoT & Endpoint Security

Provides IoT device security services

Provides forgery detection services
for mobile application

Provides traffic security services
between user devices and the web


Threat Intelligence

Threat DB

Web threat data collected by
Cloudbric WAF+ can be viewed
and amended; API available


WAF performance &
Speed testing tool

Threat Index

Provides web vulnerability
monitoring and analysis a
registered in CVE and Exploit DB


Cybersecurity experts recognize Cloudbric’s proprietary technology with registered
patents in Korea, Japan and the US. The following are some of the international awards
received by Cloudbric:

Cyber security Excellence Awards_2022_Gold

Cyber security Excellence Awards_2022_Silver

We are proud to present some of the international awards we have won:

· Cyber ​​Defense Magazine Infosec Awards 2022,
“Web Application Security”

· Cyber ​​Defense Magazine Infosec Awards 2022,
Next Gen: Zero Trust”

· Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards® 2022,
“Startup of the Year | A.I and Logic-based intelligent Web Application Firewall” Gold

· Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards® 2022,
“Zero Trust security based Remote Access Solution(RAS)” Bronze

· Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards® 2022,
“Web Application Security and Firewalls” Silver

· Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards® 2022,
“Most Innovative Security Service of the Year” Bronze

· Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2022, 4 Categories
including “Best Zero Trust Security” 4X Gold

· Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2022, 5 Categories
including “Best Cloud Security Company” 5X Silver

· Golden Bridge Awards 2020 “Best Service To Combat
and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19”

· Cyber ​​Defense Magazine Infosec Awards 2019,
“Hot Company Website Security”

· Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards 2018,
“Innovation in Technology Development” Silver

· Info Security PG Awards 2018,
“Startup of the Year” Silver

· Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2018,
“Website Security” Bronze

· Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2018,
“Cybersecurity Project of the year (Cloudbric Labs)” Gold

· SC Magazine Awards Europe 2016,
“Best SME Security Solution”


We registered patents for our deep learning engine VISION in South Korea, Japan, and the US.

Category Name Country Patent Registration Number
Patent 웹 트래픽 학습을 위한 16진수 이미지 변환과
증분학습을 적용한 딥러닝 방법
South Korea 18-2018-00181940
Patent 딥러닝 머신의 신뢰도 판단 방법 South Korea 10-2020-0106630
Patent ウェブトラフィック学習のための16進数イメージ変換と
増分学習を適用 したディープラーニング方法
Japan P2018-246524
Patent ディープラーニングマシンの信頼度判断方法 Japan 2020-179176
Patent Deep learning method USA 16243031
Patent Method of judging reliability of deep learning machine USA 17067753

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