About Us
Who We Are

Cloudbric started off as an in-house endeavor in 2015 by one of APAC’s leading security companies, Penta Security Systems Inc. Spinning off as its own legal entity in December 1, 2017, the founding members carried over 20 years of IT expertise and developed Cloudbric into more than just a cloud web application firewall service. Following immense growth, Cloudbric has since molded into a comprehensive web security provider, adding DDoS protection, SSL, and more on top of its award-winning WAF.

Cloudbric is working to build the world’s most scalable, high performing, and easy-to-manage cloud WAF service. We currently protect more than 10,000 users and organizations, partner with over 60+ global resellers, and offer 25+ data center locations to allow users of all sizes to benefit from affordable enterprise-level WAF and DDoS protection services.

What We Do

We provide web security and differentiate from competitors by offering a suite of cybersecurity services as the default. We boast a patented logic based threat detection engine that provides higher accuracy for detecting potential web attacks and behaviors than industry competitors. This also means less no signature updates or unnecessary complex rule tweaking (though these features are still available in Enterprise models), allowing Cloudbric to provide a more turnkey style solution for users. Our WAF is ICSA Labs, CC EAL4+, and PCI DSS compliant.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make web security available for all and at the same time make it accessible and affordable. Cloudbric is comprised of a team of security experts and by having us manage security allows our clients to focus on larger priorities, such as customer retention, customer relations, business improvement, etc. We’re also venturing into new and emerging industries (like blockchain and IoT) as we move closer to becoming an all-around cloud-based security provider.

Blockchain Venture

Cloudbric began its blockchain project for the purpose of growing its existing services and creating a new security platform that encompasses web, mobile/PC, and cryptocurrency protection. The use of blockchain provides a way for us to truly decentralize threat data and introduce more accurate and up to date security solutions that recognize new and emerging threat patterns and behaviors, more so than cybersecurity vendors who choose to privatize threat data.

Blockchain has shown tremendous potential in the cybersecurity field. In fact, a $700 billion defense bill was passed just last year to study blockchain applications for cybersecurity. Certainly, the number of high-profile cases of major exchanges being hacked or the sheer number of crypto that hackers managed to reap is enough to discourage average users to adopt blockchain technology in their everyday lives. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to bring more peace of mind to this area so that users and businesses alike can feel more in adopting it.

In order to address the growing need for trust within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, Cloudbric will work to explore various uses cases for blockchain in the cybersecurity sector and keeps users secured.


Office Locations

Cloudbric has office locations in Seoul, Pohang, and Singapore.

South Korea


Eusu Holdings Bldg. 16th floor, 25-11 Yoido-dong, Youngdeungpo-ku, Seoul

Registered Office

Jigok Research Bldg. #105, Cheongam-ro 77, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Singapore Office

20 Maxwell Road, #11-02 Maxwell House, Singapore, Singapore 069113, SG